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Coming December 13th!
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On the last day of school, Eilie Wingfield is just an average, ten-year-old girl. But before the next day, she learns that her weird dreams are coming true; she learns she can fly. Her mysterious Uncle Jubal sends his private jet to bring Eilie and her dad to his retreat deep in the Rocky Mountains to protect them from an impending kidnapping. There she discovers that her grandfather is an alien and her grandmother is a holograph. As Eilie is learning the bizarre history of her family, she must cope with intrigue, secrets, death, and forgiveness. And she must prepare herself to take on the burden of correcting the biggest secret of all; her family’s presence could destroy every human on Earth. For orbiting high above the planet is a piece of alien technology that no force on Earth can stop. No force, that is, except The Fledgling.