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Pastor, Small Business Owner & Conservative Candidate for the OK, US Senate

Endorsed by General Michael Flynn

I grew up in Claremore, OK where I started my first business. 

 I attended Oral Robert’s University and received a B.A. & M.A. in Theological & Historical Studies. While at ORU I served in several different churches as the Youth Pastor. 

Upon Graduation I was hired as a Crusade Director for Christ For All Nations the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. During my time with CFAN I also became the Oklahoma State Coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. My time with these two great ministries taught me an incredible amount about organizational structure.  

In January 2017, I stepped in as the Lead Pastor of the historic Sheridan Christian Center in Tulsa, OK which is now known as Sheridan.Church. While at Sheridan I have also been a regular Instructor at Victory College for over 4 years and involved with  Christians United For Israel and National Day of Prayer. 

During my time in ministry I’ve grown my own business Lahmeyer Investment Company which is the umbrella for my Lawn Care & Junk Removal Service.  

On March 16, 2021 I announced my candidacy publicly for the US Senate in Oklahoma to challenge Senator James Lankford in the 2022 Republican Primary.

The Trump Administration policy of America First is the only way to have a strong United States. The role of any government is to serve its’ citizens not the citizens of another nation. I will always serve to put America First, not foreign powers looking to dismantle the United States from within. 

Why I Am Running

The US is under attack

We need fighters

Consistent Conservative

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To see your hope realized, you must fight for it…

Since 1787, our nation has stood firmly upon a set of sensible, balanced principles designed carefully to protect our rights, strengthen our country, and preserve the freedom that is so essential to our communities and our families.

But sadly, that very way of life is under the greatest threat we’ve ever faced. Right now, our country is under attack from radical leftism and corrupt RINOs. Our faith, family and freedom are the targets of this radical agenda to destroy America and everything that makes our nation a shining beacon to the world.

If we’re going to move into a future that ensures freedom for our children and grandchildren, we must do all we can to fight back—right now—to save our way of life.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for people to stand up for our faith, families and liberty that our forefathers sacrificed so greatly to win for us.

What our forefathers would say about where we are today as a nation
How everyone in our country deserves the protection of the right to life—including the unborn
Why achieving peace through a strong, vibrant military is essential for not only our country, but the world
How cancel culture threatens to erase vital elements of our history that are necessary for us to grow together stronger
How we gain value by defending principles that are rooted in a biblical, constitutional common-sense approach to governing
Why we need more men and women who are willing to fight for the US Constitution which protects our faith, family and freedom

If we do not fight now, we are in danger of losing everything that makes America great. Aren’t the principles we have built our nation upon worth fighting for? When are we going to stand up for what we believe? Who is going to join the fight to save our nation?

Let’s stand together and #FightLikeAFlynn—and see our hope realized.


Lahmeyer For Senate is proud to be endorsed by

General Michael Flynn

Our country is under attack and we must #FightLikeAFlynn to #SaveAmerica! Join Jackson and General Flynn in the battle by donating today to defeat and replace James Lankford in Oklahoma for the US Senate Seat.


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