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Certified Executive Coach, Consultant, and Senior Business Analyst, Keynote Speaker and National Best Selling Author

Empowering Business Leaders, Professionals and Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

Dr. Margo Bush is an influential senior business analyst, consultant, coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping business owners thrive. As founder of consulting firms Don’t Do Business Alone (DDBA) and Don’t Do Church Alone (DDCA), Margo empowers small business owners and pastors with the in-depth analysis, practical solutions, and mindset coaching they need to successfully grow their organizations in an ever-changing economy. 

Prior to founding DDBA, Margo served as a Senior Business Analyst at Global Resources, LLC, providing strategic guidance to businesses across the country. She also co-produced and hosted Tuesdays with Dan, an ABC-affiliate business talk show reaching over one million homes, and built the online, fully accredited Harrison Christian University.

Margo also serves as President of Bush Publishing & Associates, a publisher that focuses on providing greater visibility and influence for success coaches, motivational speakers, spiritual leaders, and authors focused on family entertainment. 

Over the years, Margo has worked alongside many of the leading business minds in the country, learning what makes most businesses succeed, while others fail. As a result, she is dedicated to equipping business owners with what it takes—not just to survive, but to truly thrive in the marketplace.


         I believe that the way we have been taught to do modern
         day business in this country is mathematically flawed and
         we’re doing something about it.

Dr. Margo Bush

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“Success in business is simple. I’m not saying it’s easy, but the principles are simple. If you learn them, you can grow your business and create long–term success.” —Dr. Margo Bush

Do you have a dream of creating a business that truly grows? Are you trying to build a business, but working too many hours–yet you’re just barely making it?

You’re not alone.

Fifty percent of businesses that open today will close within one to three years. With all the networking, webinars, and readily available information on business that’s available, business owners still struggle to make it. Why is this?

After a life-changing loss in her personal life, Dr. Margo Bush faced a do-or-die moment that determined her success in life—and in business. Through intense firsthand learning, mentoring, and trial and error, Dr. Bush mastered the principles of how to make a business not just survive, but thrive. And the discoveries she made are captured here to help other small business owners thrive too, no matter what the economy looks like. You’ll learn:

  • How most small businesses work, and what you need to know to achieve lasting results.
  • Roadblocks that hinder business success, and how to break past them.
  • How mindset is essential to moving forward, even when life interrupts.
  • Effective selling techniques without feeling like a salesperson.
  • Powerful stories of business people who got ahead using grits and guts

And more!

“Dream Big, Live Big! will provide you the basic fundamental principles that I wish I had known in my twenties when I started my first business. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.” —Dr. Margo Bush

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Carol Lawerence, Actress West Side Story
Jackie Kallen
First Lady of Boxing

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