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Bush Publishing is all about helping writers and authors tell their amazing stories. It is a site where you can find books that will inspire you, amaze you and challenge you to be all you can be. Our mission is to help writers share their work on a platform that believes everyone has a story. We’re looking for your amazing story.


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A Message From Our Founder

I have always loved telling stories. I was never a fast reader in school so go figure that I became a book publisher – that’s ironic don’t you think. Short books and easy reading was always my go too. But as I got older and settled into my career I began working closely with people, their families and hearing their own personal journey.  I discovered I wanted to provide a platform for those stories to be told– that should be told. I love to hear how through all the challenges people endure they overcame, pressed on and gained new ground. It is very interesting to me how they triumphed and made a better tomorrow. That has been my story. And now, I’m always looking for the next great manuscript to come across my desk. 

Whether it is a writer that takes us to a world of fantasy or a true life, beating all the odds, personal journey this is what makes for a great book. Because, behind every story is also a writer, or author with their own personal journey. What I have learned is that everyone has a story. Some of those stories are noteworthy and need to be written and read by others. As my new book is about to be released, and I’ve been asked to prepare a script for consideration to film – I realize what an opportunity I have had to make a place to tell other people’s own unique story. 
I started out this journey early on helping writers through the process of publishing. Then in 2017 I began thinking about how I wanted to expand our reach. This year we decided to redesign our site and help more writers get published. And then, just maybe, their story will also have the opportunity to make it to the big screen.
Bush Publishing will help you tell your story to an audience of readers. Our staff reads through every manuscript that is submitted to us. We publish, promote and protect the work you have created. We provide a place for worldwide distribution and a commitment to quality.
Everyone has a story, and we would love to hear yours.  

Margo Bush, Founder


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